Monday, October 29, 2012

Dogs and Eagles

What a weekend! Human relatives of SWMBO and TBG came all the way from the far-away land of Florida to spend some time with the Kansas Connection. I got to have some quality ball-playing time with them!
But that was just the warm-up! On Saturday we piled in the Silver Bullet to drive to Washington, KS to attend the KSDS Graduation! Hosta would have been so proud, as I did an awesome "buckle up" for the 2-hour drive. It was very gracious of KSDS to allow a yellow-caped canine into the graduation ceremony. I am so appreciative of their willingness to allow all of us to join in the celebration.

We are so very proud of our friends Hosta, who graduated as a service dog; and Shelby and Barstow, who graduated as social dogs!

Here's a picture of Hosta's Puppy Raiser and new Forever Companion...
I was paying strict attention during all of the goings-on. You know, that could be me one day...
I did get a little distracted by my friend, Spark!

You would have thought that would be enough for one day, right? But afterward, we stopped at BodyFirst, and lo and behold! There was a newly minted human there, who really wanted to put me to work. First, he tried to see if I was solidly made.
Then he tried me out as his ride.

Then he thought I might have potential to manage the Tennis Club (I do have quite extensive experience with tennis balls).
We both came to the conclusion that maybe I was on the right carer path after all! Speaking of careers, the next day was not a day of rest for the weary! We all headed back in to Manhattan to see another of the family receive an amazing award--Eagle Scout!
I was entranced with that dazzling uniform--maybe CCI will award merit badges one day--so I thought I'd try it on for size.
Alas, TBG and SWMBO were not impressed with my latest career idea, and informed me that I look quite smart and dashing in my own uniform. I hope I'll look even better in blue one day!

I'll tell ya', I need a nap!


  1. It meant so much to have you guys there! My honorary family!!! Thanks so much for coming!

  2. Congratulations Lisa. I'm sure you were very proud. Carver....good job. I bet you could be a scout also but we have other plans for you. Feldon will miss seeing you but Debbie, Divot and Leitner and I are looking forward to seeing you next month. Take care my sweet boy! Aunt Linda


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