Friday, October 19, 2012

Kansas City Chapter Meeting

We had our monthly meeting last night and it was also the "off to advanced training" gala for Carlton and Feldon.

Also got to talk with Little Kindy, I got this TBG!

Even managed to get in some snuggle time.

As usual though, TBG always figures out a way to humiliate me in front of my buds...Jerk!

Good luck to my buddies Feldon and Carlton as they embark (I kill me) on their new journey. May both of you find your destiny!

Last, I'd like to post a picture of my buddy Feldon with another graduate from the KC Chapter. Santiago has been with Derek now for a couple of years. Santiago is one lucky (and hard working) Service Dog, something we all aspire to be! Aunt Linda & Aunt Debbie are GREAT puppy raisers!

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