Saturday, April 28, 2012

What a Day. I'm Pooped (Hahahaha...).

TBG and SWMBO are certifiable. Not that you didn't know that already, but I'm just validating. Here's what we got to do today...Saturday...the weekend....PLAY DAY!

Started with a 3 mile walk (sorry, no pictures). Just imagine being up and at it at 7am. Thanks, SWMBO.

Then, packed into the blue bomb for a run into CG to give my dogmobile its annual bath (sorry, no pictures. Nothing to see there anyway. Don't know why Jeb-the-wonder-dog got nervous for THAT, of all things).

Next, a drive to Emporia so TBG and SWMBO could get new communication-thing-a-mi-jigs. Wish they would just learn to bark. Here I am giving SWMBO my opinion.
Off to Staples to buy envelopes. Boy, that was easy!
Off to the humans' food bowl so they could rest and and enjoy some refreshments. I just got to rest. No pics from there, either!

Last stop: the playground. TBG and SWMBO were eager to introduce me to the teeter-totter. I guess this is similar to a test I'll have to pass when I get turned-in. The humans were anticipating a bit of a trial, I gather, based on former experience. Well, hey! I'm no former experience, I'll tell ya'! I'm all Carver II and nothing they threw at me at the park fazed me one bit! All it needed was a little up...
a little balance...
...and a little down. No biggie!

Then we got to do some climbing.
And be cute.
And then climb down.
After that, TBG and I just goofed off! Where is he at, anyway?
I had to pose for the camera.
One last bathroom break and it was time to head home. Boy, I'm pooped!

Weighing In

I see everyone else standing on this square thing, so I thought I'd try it as well! Weighed in at 56 lbs today.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dinner with a Friend

I got to go out for dinner last night. Well, technically, I had dinner before leaving, but I got to go to a very nice restaurant !

I think this place was called 4 Paws (just kidding).

I was on my best behavior and no one else in the place even knew I was there!

Here's a pic of my friend Andy getting some good scratch'n in. I sensed he needed it, so I happily obliged!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Had a busy day

We started off our Saturday making a run into Manhattan. Deb had a spider bite and she wanted to get it checked out.

Here's TBG and I parked.

and here I am in the waiting room with chicken legs.

We went over to Wally World so Deb could get her medicine. I thought I'd give this bench a try.

Then we went to get me some reading glasses. Don't I look like Mr. Limpet?

We headed off to Winslow's crib for some playtime.

While there, Brie gave me a lesson on how to ingest information.

Someone had an accident (not me) so I pitched in and helped with the clean up.

We did a little work up high as well

Then it was nap time. Well, for some it was!

Once Bonita arrived, it was group photo time. They say, blondes have more fun!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I thought I was getting Tutored

I was so excited about getting dropped off at my Vet's office. I love going there and have so much fun. I swear I heard TBG saying I was getting tutored. Come to find out my ears had mis-heard what he said.

Needless to say, I'm not happy...I'm sore and I've lost a vital part of a dogs anatomy. I have GOT to start listening to what is said around me!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Guess Who

Guess who I am today!

Post your guesses below.

Hint: He currently has a wonderful job.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

They call me the Cow Whisperer

I've found that I have a previously unknown skill. Come to find out, I can talk to the cows. You wouldn't believe the things those cows complain about!

Here's a pic I found on the camera from the first of the week. We met a potential, future Facility Dog Team! This was before they arrived at the restaurant.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Because I Can!

Last weekend, SWMBO and I went to K-State to walk around the campus in beautiful Springtime, practice impulse control around squirrels, walk over grates, gaze at statues, etc. Of course, it was prime picture-taking time! Unfortunately, I was just too busy to get those posted last week, so here they are for your viewing pleasure!

Here I am at the President's House!
Touring some buildings...

I love purple...
Say cheese!
This is my serious face.

But I am a clown at heart!

Uh, you tell me.

Working on those grates!
I am SO cute!
What? So I like flowers!
Make sure you get my good side. And that's a wrap!