Thursday, April 12, 2012

I thought I was getting Tutored

I was so excited about getting dropped off at my Vet's office. I love going there and have so much fun. I swear I heard TBG saying I was getting tutored. Come to find out my ears had mis-heard what he said.

Needless to say, I'm not happy...I'm sore and I've lost a vital part of a dogs anatomy. I have GOT to start listening to what is said around me!


  1. Hey Carver! Guess what? My Mom's told me the same dang story. There was no "tutoring"! Don't worry you'll be okay in day or so. If they would just ask we could tell them not do this.

  2. Oh, Poor Carver! You'll feel better soon and you'll probably forget you ever had that 'vital part'.
    ~ Madison

    Carver- I agree with Feldon...the crazy 2-legged creatures should let us decide if we want any part of us removed! You'll feel better soon enough. Sorry you had to go through it.

  3. I guess you could say you got tutored on getting neutered! Hope you feel better soon dude! (And don't ever tell that bit of news to Mr. Merlot!)

  4. Sorry Carver! I hope you'll feel better soon. Sometimes those "vital parts" get a fella in more trouble than they're worth.

    I hope that you and your humans are safe. The news is showing scary weather in Kansas. Sending lots of love and prayers...


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