Saturday, April 28, 2012

What a Day. I'm Pooped (Hahahaha...).

TBG and SWMBO are certifiable. Not that you didn't know that already, but I'm just validating. Here's what we got to do today...Saturday...the weekend....PLAY DAY!

Started with a 3 mile walk (sorry, no pictures). Just imagine being up and at it at 7am. Thanks, SWMBO.

Then, packed into the blue bomb for a run into CG to give my dogmobile its annual bath (sorry, no pictures. Nothing to see there anyway. Don't know why Jeb-the-wonder-dog got nervous for THAT, of all things).

Next, a drive to Emporia so TBG and SWMBO could get new communication-thing-a-mi-jigs. Wish they would just learn to bark. Here I am giving SWMBO my opinion.
Off to Staples to buy envelopes. Boy, that was easy!
Off to the humans' food bowl so they could rest and and enjoy some refreshments. I just got to rest. No pics from there, either!

Last stop: the playground. TBG and SWMBO were eager to introduce me to the teeter-totter. I guess this is similar to a test I'll have to pass when I get turned-in. The humans were anticipating a bit of a trial, I gather, based on former experience. Well, hey! I'm no former experience, I'll tell ya'! I'm all Carver II and nothing they threw at me at the park fazed me one bit! All it needed was a little up...
a little balance...
...and a little down. No biggie!

Then we got to do some climbing.
And be cute.
And then climb down.
After that, TBG and I just goofed off! Where is he at, anyway?
I had to pose for the camera.
One last bathroom break and it was time to head home. Boy, I'm pooped!


  1. I hope your VPRs don't read this blog Carver. They might not like you talking about them like you do! :) Glad you could help them out with all their chores though and show off!

  2. You're starting to sound like a teenager, Carver. Exactly how old are you anyway? Be respectful of your elders but keep your spunky spirit. Out here, we love you, Dude....


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