Sunday, April 22, 2012

Had a busy day

We started off our Saturday making a run into Manhattan. Deb had a spider bite and she wanted to get it checked out.

Here's TBG and I parked.

and here I am in the waiting room with chicken legs.

We went over to Wally World so Deb could get her medicine. I thought I'd give this bench a try.

Then we went to get me some reading glasses. Don't I look like Mr. Limpet?

We headed off to Winslow's crib for some playtime.

While there, Brie gave me a lesson on how to ingest information.

Someone had an accident (not me) so I pitched in and helped with the clean up.

We did a little work up high as well

Then it was nap time. Well, for some it was!

Once Bonita arrived, it was group photo time. They say, blondes have more fun!

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