Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Trick or Treating

Had a blast tonight! I got me a big ole bag of candy, my costume for the night and my 2 guardians and went into town for the Halloween Parade.

Meet Carver, Officer of the Paw!

and some pics of me with some friends...some scary and some not!

I caught this guy break'n the law and had to take him in!!

Here's a shot of the crowd as they went by during the parade.

and here's one of a Flash Mob that performed the dance from "Thriller". It was AWESOME!!

and as it was winding down, I took my jacket off

Then met Minnie Mouse just before we headed home!

Phew, I'm worn out. I've never been so close to sooo many different characters.


  1. Officer of the Paw! CUTE! You were so brave around all those scary ghosts and goblins!


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