Friday, October 12, 2012

The Word of the Day...Career!

Didya see it, huh, didya? Sesame Street aired the first showing of the episode with Brandeis, the Service Dog. Brandeis is looking for a career, and tries folding laundry and sweeping floors. Then he meets Hercules, a real-life service dog from Canine Companions for Independence. That's all it takes, and Brandeis is on his way to to becoming a service dog and meeting his own forever person.

While Brandeis was doing his thing today on Sesame Street, I was also trying out a few career options at K-State. First, I thought I'd see how I'd feel wearing a purple vest instead of a yellow one (or hopefully at a future time--blue!)...but, I just don't think it's my color.

I am definitely NOT a desk dog.

I knew there was a reason I liked to go to work with SWMBO! You know, service dog or not, I think I could definitely be...Carver, WBCB.

That's Carver, World's Best Cuddle Bug!!

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