Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What a fun walk!

We went out for our evening walk to the mailbox and I got to meet the neighbors. They had come down to feed my cow friends and I was lucky enough to be there at the right time. Ansel had told me of his exploits driving TBG's tractor, but I got to tell you, THIS tractor was ginormous! After I smoothed the way by snuggling up to my new friends, I had TBG give me a lift up into the cab. Eat your heart out Ansel!

Here are a few pics of me, my new friends and the tractor.




When we got back and had dinner, I got to try out my work'n duds. Pretty cool looking huh!


  1. What a big tractor. Spark is sooo jealous, Carver. He thinks you're a pretty lucky fellow.


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