Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hellooooo to my adoring fans

Carver's in the house and ready to roll!

Since it's Saturday, TBG said I could have the computer for awhile since he's not working. I thought I'd bring everyone up to date on the happenings at my new abode.

It was really windy the last few days, very different from my last home in Ohio. There are all kinds of leaves to chase and they are always running away! I get to sleep, then play, then sleep then eat and it just goes on and on. Deb says I'm still too small to go into town, hopefully that will change soon. Ansel told me all kinds of fun stories about going into town!

I'm doing my best to learn the things they are trying to teach me. My problem is that I have such a short attention span. I mean, come on...I'm not even 10 weeks old. TBG says I'm pretty smart and have a "soft" touch, whatever that means. I think I get to go for a walk today, I hope I don't get tangled up in the leash. That TBG is pretty awkward you know!

Here are a few pics of me, enjoy.

Here's a video I had TBG take last night.


  1. Could it be that I already miss the little puppy stage?! =) Carver is adorable!

  2. Carver, I love the video u had TBG take. Can't wait to meet u!

    Cute pics!


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