Monday, October 17, 2011

I Made it to Kansas!

And the big surprise was that my buddy, Digger got to travel with me!! Here's a pic of me & Deb.

Here's one of Digger & Sally

We had a long day of waiting, flying, waiting, flying and then...finally, we got to meet all the great people in the KC Chapter of CCI. We were greated by Aunt Charon, Aunt Sandy, Aunt Marty, Aunt Debbie, Aunt Linda, Aunt Sally and Uncle Larry. Oh yeah, Mark (TBG) and Deb (SWMBO) were there too! There were really surprised when Digger popped out of the crate. He was a surprise to all except his new people; Aunt Sally and Uncle Larry. Here are some pics at the airport.


On the way home, I spent half the trip in TBG's lap (snoozing) and the second half in my own comfy bed.

Once we got to my new home, I got to play outside in my ginormous yard. I think I like these yellow balls.

Me and TBG.

Yeah, I'm cute!

It's getting late and I am wiped out. So long for now, until I get some much needed shuteye. Carver


  1. Welcome, Carver!!! Let the funnnn begin!!! He is one adorable little guy. =)

  2. Welcome to munchkinland, little grasshopper....
    sleep have big adventures awaiting you!

  3. Were thinking of you all day yesterday! Glad you were feeling much better and could arrive in Kansas for some amazing adventures with Mark and Deb! You are super adorable! Love love love those ears! :)

  4. Congrats! Maybe we'll turn-in together after all :D
    He's really cute!!!!! Enjoy number two!!!!

  5. I thought "I" had big ears! I got nothing on Carver. Sure hope he grows into those monsters.

  6. Carver's projected turn-in date is Feb 2013.

  7. Welcome Carver. I hope for Mark and Deb's sake that you sleep at night. Deb looks very happy!
    Love your ears!

  8. Howdy Carver - I'm missing you! Glad I made it to the airport in time to see you. I have to agree with everyone else. LOVE THOSE EARS!!!
    Auntie Linda


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