Monday, October 10, 2011

Temporary delay

Seems that Carver was not quite ready to leave after all. He had some digestive problems that were bordering on the "explosive" side and the staff at North Central decided to keep him a little longer just to make sure he feels OK to travel.

We were able to procure a couple of pictures to tide us over.


  1. Oh, what a cutie pie. Wish I were there to hold and cuddle with him. It looks to me like his head is more round than Ansel's or Jeb's and his nose looks shorter too. I wonder how his personality will turn out. If I know anything about Mark and Deb, he will have a very loving home and a great first 18 months.

    Grandma Joyce

  2. He is so sweet - can't wait for the fun to begin for you!!!

  3. Oh, hope you feel better soon Carver!!! You're ears are super duper adorable! Well, all of you really, but I am a sucker for puppies with oversized ears! :)

  4. YES! The oversized ears definitely "up" the cuteness factor! What a face.....
    Get stronger every day, little one, and make your way to your new home. You have quite the adventure in store for you.

    I love you already! Signed, the Other Anonymous

  5. Oh so cute! He's a lucky little pup to get to come to Kansas and such great puppy raisers!


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