Tuesday, October 25, 2011

So...I'm a Whiner

I'm not a fan of being separated from my peeps. It's not that I mind the crate or X pen, but I just prefer to be WITH people and not cordoned off like a wild animal. Anyway, it seems that TBG has given me a new nickname. Whenever I try to get his attention (whining) he calls me Chimpy McWhiner! Such a funny guy...don't quit your day job bubba. Deb was happy to head out this morning to the PFZ (puppy free zone) which according to her, is anywhere but where I'm at. I think she's tired and not into listening to my music (aka: whining)!

I got to meet my new Vet today. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. The only thing I didn't like about the visit was when she brought out that GIANT needle. I tried to tell her I'm just a little puppy to no avail. I did voice my displeasure when she stuck me with that thing! I still got a nice treat out of it, so I won't hold it against the Vet.

On the way out we stopped by the scale and I weighed in at a whop'n 20.7 lbs.

Here's a pic of me as I was sitting at the computer.

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