Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dean Koontz Called....

Sorry you haven't heard from me this past week, mes amies! But, J'ai été très occupé....oolala! Excusez-moi! What I mean to say is that I have been very busy this past week. You see, Dean Koontz called and invited me to accompany him on a quick trip to Paris. He heard about my amazingly cute ears and wanted to see them for himself...research for a new book he is putting together called the "The Ears of CCI."

Anyhow, I had to beg and beg SWMBO and TBG to let me go, but they finally said OK. I think SWMBO in particular was miffed that I was invited to go and not her (since she considers herself a bit of a writer you know) but I TOLD her that this wasn't about writing but about cute ears and that hers...well, let's just say I have matured enough that I kept THAT thought to myself.

So, I packed my bag and went to MCI where Dean's private jet awaited me. His valet was there to greet me, but I wasn't too impressed as he was sitting down on the job. He would NOT make a good assistance dog...I am just sayin'!

We had some great least that's what Dean said. I wasn't into all that fancy French food, so I brought my own kibble along!

The views from our hotel room were fantastic!

You get what I'm sayin'!

But, the Eiffel Tower was not quite what I thought it would be...

Uh, I guess that's what's happens in dreams...


  1. Carver you are hilarious! Sorry it was just a dream!

  2. Monseigneur Carver, my what a great imagination you have!

  3. oooohhhhhhh la la Carver..........que pero loco estas! (sorry, I'm bilingual) :)

  4. Carver, this is what my Momma Linder says:
    J'aime embrasser des chien sur la bouche! And she also loves your ears.


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