Tuesday, February 21, 2012

One, Two. Three!

Ackkk!! Life is so busy; I haven't had time to post. However, I don't want you to think that means that I haven't been learning and doing and getting out and about to experience all that I need to in order to possibly be a real assistance dog one day!

Last Friday, SWMBO packed up the blue bomb and we headed for her workplace, K-State. That was really cool. I met a lot of nice people, did some reading, and watched college kids go by. No, I did--really! SWMBO took me outside during one of the class changes. We stood next to the doors of Justin Hall and watched everyone come and go. SWMBO was standing behind the camera giggling her fool head off. It is a good thing you can't hear her on the video because you wouldn't be able to stand to listen to her cackle. You still might not be able to watch the whole video unless you are REALLY a dedicated fan. I think it is kind of...well, boring, to be honest, but SWMBO thinks it is funny because my head, she says, is on a swivel. Whatever. We even had one student come up to us and ask if we needed help. SWMBO thinks it is because I was there, but I think it was because I was there and SWMBO was standing next to me with a video camera held just above my head and hee-hawing without apparent reason...you get the picture, right?

Here we are leaving...bye, TBG, bye! Thanks for the solid foundation of good manners!

A guy needs something to do until it's time for a class change!

Is it really time to go?

Who knew there were so many humans in the world?
Then, on Sunday, SWMBO packed up the blue bomb and we headed for one of her favorite places, the CG Healthcare Center. She said we were just going to pop in and do a quick walkabout. Uh-huh. We no sooner walked in the door then we were loved by a wee one with flashing tennis shoes, a smile that would melt your heart, and kisses that rivaled mine. I could barely keep my bottom on the floor (SWMBO's request) as she introduced me to what can only be exchanged by two creatures who understand unconditional love without the cynicism of being a grown-up human. Wish I had pictures to share--you will just have to use your imagination on that one. Right after the wee one, we met a seasoned human who understands the meaning of shared solitude. All she wanted was to sit quietly, enjoy my presence, and rub my head. I decided in no time that this was what I wanted too. SWMBO did snap a picture of that. However, SWMBO was also mumbling the whole time about Cesar Millan and matching energy levels and how she has never seen that concept displayed so dramatically...whatever. You all know SWMBO, so you all get my drama reference!

 Shared solitude...

Can't tell you! It's a surprise! But it happens on Friday and I am so excited I could pee my pants (if I had any)...Chow! (Oh, I just slay myself...)


  1. Very nice Carver. Not only does your head swivel but your ears and nose are moving a lot too. Can't wait for the surprise!

  2. Great video - loved his nose working overtime. What a sweet puppy!!


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