Sunday, February 26, 2012

The hits keep coming!

Wow! I've had a couple of really exciting days.

Yesterday, we spent the day with my CCI buds at Cabela's! The people, the animals, the was sensory overload.

We hung out at the front of the store and spread the word about CCI. Afterwards we spread out and did some exploring.

Here's a pic that shows the expanse of Cabela's

Me and wild animals!

Here's Feldon checking out the Elephants...Look out Buddy!

I decided to do a little inside camping.

Who has the fix'ns for S'mores?

I'm wondering, does Fish really "taste" like Fish???

Somebody's get'n TIRED.

and got put into a "time out" embarrassing!

On our way out, we got to meet the newest addition to the Kansas City group. Meet Little Debbie or as us pups call her, "LD". I can't believe I got to see another gorgeous Golden Retriever! LD is quite the looker  ;^)

Time to head out on another adventure, this is turning into puppy boot camp around here.


  1. WOW - what a fun outing. We love going to Cabela's! Did you get a new collar Carver? It's FANCY!

  2. How fun! I took Hunter into Cabela's after a CCI fundraiser to see the animals, but he was so worn out he didn't even bat an eye lash at anything.


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