Saturday, February 25, 2012

I hit the Jackpot!

Yesterday was quite a day. The anticipation all week was almost too much to bear, but it was all worth it!
TBG and I went into (insert shameless family plug)

Body First Tennis and Fitness Center
3615 Claflin Road
Manhattan, Kansas 66503
(785) 776-6060

and met up with Deb AND new KSDS puppy, Clara. What a CUTIE. She's a full Golden and let me tell you, the cutest pup ever! TBG Jr. and his better half let us play inside the Tennis Club. First we got to play with the Big Dog of all balls.

Then Clara and I got to run around and play!

Here's a pic of TBG Jr's better half with Clara...Enzo will be soooo jealous!

and then, just before we were about to leave, the most fabulous thing ever (for a guy). The entire K-State Women's Tennis Team came off the courts and came to see...ME!!! Imagine being surrounded by college athletes! I did my best to be accommodating and let all that wanted to pet, scratch, rub and I even let them work me on my commands. It was a lot of fun and was great meeting real athletes!

Here's a pic of me, the coach and the team.

So, all in all, I had a great day! Thanks to the tennis club for allowing us to hang out and special thanks to Clara's human for stopping by. 

I have another big day ahead of me today, so I better go for now. I'm going to meet up with my KC buds!!

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  1. You were a great host (again) Mr. Carver! Thanks for all your lovin's! Hope you had a great time at Cabela's today and got to show off for all those fake animals!


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