Sunday, January 29, 2012


Seems like SWMBO was invited to present at something called 'Muttfest.' Whatever. All I know is that Muttfest is an absolutely glorious orchestra of smells, sounds, and visual input! The big bonus was that I got to share this dazzling, heavenly, sublime experience with my buds Lassiter, Clark, Feldon, and Orella. Thanks for coming all the way "out west," guys and gals!

I didn't get to stay the whole time, though, because SWMBO and TBG didn't want me to become something they called 'overstimulated.' As if! I did just fine, thank you! Anyway, some pictures are below. Not many, mind you, because as the second pup, just like the second child, the camera doesn't come out quite as often as it did with a certain "A" pup...I'm just sayin'!


  1. There was a great piece on the national news tonight about therapy dogs and veterans. I felt so proud of what you all do and the great service provided by the pups, the VPRs, and the whole team who help to train these young ones into the great therapeutic companions that they become. Cudos to you all!!!!


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