Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I blindsided TBG again!

Man, this is sooo much fun mess'n with TBG. I've had him convinced I'm still too little to jump into the blue bomb, so he always picks me up or he uses a custom made step when in the garage.

We got to go see Mona this afternoon (she's my personal physician), so TBG went out and prepped the car with my gear. Opened up the crate gate and moved my step stool over. He calls me over, I politely sit behind the step and wait for the "car" command. Once it's uttered, I zip around the step and jump right into the car, turn around and do a perfect sit. You should have seen the old guys face...PRICELESS!

Problem with that, is now he expects me to get in the car myself...every time. When Deb got home, he had to show her my new accomplishment. So I guess my carefree days of arm slumbers are coming to an end. I guess it had to happen some day.

Sorry, no pics of the blessed event, so I pulled an old pic that has no relevance at all!

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