Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just Call Me...Adventure Man!

I have had what you might call---a full weekend. I could create some eclectic prose and wax poetic and all that, but I think I'll just post some pics and let them tell the story.

Here's my first trip in the friendly, down-home grocery store.

I am so cute!

A shout-out to Jeb's old pal, Kodiak!

I was fascinated by the 'beeps'!

SWMBO and I went on a hike to Mt. Everest, er, I mean Mount Mitchell....

We're going where?

View from the top!

Can't a guy get some privacy around here?

We went to PetCo too, but I don't know why SWMBO stopped by the girlie stuff!


  1. Great pics! I love the 6th one!!!!! It looks like he's doing great! I hope that I get to see him again if Ansel graduates a :D He was such a cute fluff ball when I saw him at CCI :-)

  2. Carver will stay with his buddy Digger if we go to Delaware, sorry!


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