Friday, January 27, 2012

Born to Run

Heeellllooooo adoring fans! Life is so wonderful, you know it? There's so much to do, so much to learn, so much to try, so much to run around....

I was introduced to something called "agility" today. SWMBO said I had way too much energy and that even a good long walk wasn't likely to tire me out, so she dug around in the garage for a while and made a couple of trips out to the round pen. She thought today would be just an introduction, but I said, Introduction-shmuckin! It didn't take me long to figure out that agility thing. I was a natural, if I do say so myself. (TBG says it isn't bragging if you can back it up).

So, to show you that I CAN back up my big mouth, I've posted a video below of my first time doing agility. See what you think. But, please be kind to SWMBO and don't say anything about her goofy attire. She loses any fashion sense she may have when she dons her Carharts, camouflage neck scarf, and....whatever that is on top of her head.


You can get hungry after doing agility! (Look CLOSELY at this pic...)


  1. Yay, Carver!!! My beagle and I did agility classes and it is so much fun! Makes me miss it seeing Carver. =)

  2. WOW, way to go Carver! And SWMBO'd! How did she not get dizzy!? Man, Carver, those big ears don't slow you down one bit do they? And, Vance loves the drool - he's a drooler too... so says, those are manly drools!

  3. Awesome job Carver! You're so big now and it looks like your ears are bigger too! How old are you now 5 or 6 months?

  4. Outstanding job on the agility course. Dont' worry about those ears of yours...I'm sure they help your balalnce through the course. You might want to carry a little hanky though to wipe your mouth occasionally.

  5. Slow down're making me look bad. I start an agility class in a couple of weeks....looks like fine. Feldon


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