Monday, December 24, 2012

Who knew a book store could be soooo much fun!

We made a trip to Kansas City yesterday to meet up with fellow VPR Auntie Linder and chapter volunteer Pam to do some Christmas gift wrapping at the Barnes & Noble book store in Leawood.

We arrived and got our wrapping area set up.

I was a very successful gift wrapping recruiter! I think Auntie Linder and Pam's fingers were going to fall off. As a thank you to all of the store patrons, I was ready and willing to offer my soft fur and beaming personality to all takers!

This lucky gentleman got to experience the full Carver!! We are now best buddies. I do apologize for leaving you with so much of my yellow strands of goodness ;^)

Here are some other new friends. I think they liked me too!

and then a little person stopped by. They always have different scents than the big people. And, they're soft and cuddly just like me.

Here I am posing....Oh, I know it!

I sure hope to one day be on this board!!

Just before we "wrapped" up our shift (Tonight show here I come), I thought I'd give some special Christmas cheer to our 2 top notch gift wrappers.

What a great time we had at the book store! I lost track of how many people we talked to. Thanks to all of the great people at Barnes & Noble and to all the customers that stopped by to chat and get some top notch gift wrapping.

On our way home, we stopped by to see some old/new friends. Jenny, Wendi and Eric. We had some fun and Jenny gave me a new Christmas toy!

Once we got home last night, TBG let me play with my new toy until I finally fell asleep.

 I actually slept in this morning and didn't bother waking TBG until 7:30am!

Thanks Jenny for my new toy and I hope you get lots of fun gifts for Christmas!


  1. Thanks for putting my picture in your hall of fame frame! I feel special.

  2. Yes, The Kansas City puppy raisers are quite proud of their pups!!


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