Sunday, December 30, 2012

Holidays Rock!

Geez, I'm exhausted....are you? So many presents to open, so many people to visit, so many friends to run around with! It's been fantastic.

Seriously, a card that plays music? Who knew? I was fascinated.

Here I am opening one of my favorite gifts!

Then came the Boxing Party! Here we are having a rumpus outside. There were ten of us pups in attendance altogether!

You can watch us live and in concert here! Li'l Bit = Gabe.

Winslow and I had to guard the White Elephant gifts to make sure the humans didn't pick them up and rattle them. And they say we pups have problems with impulse control!

No, Gabe wasn't one of the White Elephant gifts, but I think De was trying anyway!

All in all, we had a great time over the holidays.

On another note, and I can't say why just yet...but those of you who are not far from Council Grove, KS....please tentatively reserve Saturday, February 23 and consider coming to visit our town. I hear there might be a major event that day. I'm afraid to say more in case my blogging access is removed by you-know-who!


  1. OH PLEASE, PLEASE - May I have Gabe! What a cutie pie. I would just walk around all day holding him in my arms. Please, Please can I have him, at least until he grows too big to hold, then I'll give him back, I promise.

    Carver, you're cute too but now you are almost a grown-up. Puppies are so cute.

  2. Oh my!!! Another "Anonymous" has stolen my post!!! You can tell the difference between the anonymous puppy lovers by my next comment: GAME DAY.... QUACK, QUACK! :)


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