Monday, December 17, 2012

What a weekend!

Had a great weekend, went for some long walks and met some new and old friends.

Saturday we went for a long walk and I helped Deb clean the house. Since it was mostly my fur laying everywhere, I thought I could help. I put some socks on and slid around the floor to gather up my lost coat! I don't think I'm very fond of this "cleaning" thing.

Sunday we went to the CG Healthcare Center and I got to see my peeps! "Red" and I spent some quality "me" time and then I went person to person, spreading some Christmas cheer. There were smiles and laughter all around.

I was pretty tired after all that petting! Thankfully, I found out we were going to Manhattan, so I knew I had some shuteye coming.

We got to the Mall around lunchtime, so you can imagine how busy it was. Lots of people to meet and even more kids than normal! The big guy in red was there to meet all the kids. I tried to get TBG to let me meet Santa again, but he said we were there to work....he's such a taskmaster.

Anyway, we worked on up, jump and under on lots of new benches and walls.

Came across this big guy and thought I'd "stand in" with him for awhile.

I stopped in at Victoria's Secret and interviewed for their mascot. Although everyone loved me, they said there were no openings. Darn it!

As we walked by a jewelry store, I caught the eye of the women working there and had a nice conversation with them. I tried to get TBG a deal on some sparkly things for SWMBO, but he was not interested...scrooge.

As we were heading out of the mall, I met this little person. It was very nice of the humans to let me get up close so I could spread some Christmas cheer!

We headed back to the sticks and I spent the rest of the day recharging the batteries. Working all day can really tire a pup out.

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