Sunday, December 9, 2012

Meet TLG!

Hellllooooo to my adoring fans this wintry morn! I am absolutely thrilled to introduce you to the newest member of our merry band: TLG! No, although it would be sensical for you to assume I am talking about The Little Guy, I am actually talking about The Little Gabe! And, in case you get too excited, please know that TLG has not joined my household, but instead resides with my two Aunties, Linder and Debbie.

Gabe was a little camera-shy at first. Or, he was sleeping. Not sure...

But my exceptionally wriggly personality was able to coax him out of his "shell". Or, he was groggy. Not sure...

Then TBG couldn't resist the puppy breath.

Only it seems Gabe and TBG have found something in the kitchen that looks pretty interesting. Oh yea: lunch!

Hey TBG, Gabe says go get your own kibble!

Thanks to the Aunties, TBG is in no danger of starving! I guess that's called "lasagna kibble!"

After a nap and a full belly, Gabe was ready to rock-n-roll.

Help TBG! The FTWRT is after me! Get me outta here! (That's Flying-Terror-With-Razor-Teeth). Yes, Auntie Linder, I think me and Leitner visiting Santa (without the FTWRT) sounds like a GREAT idea!
I'll let you ponder what I asked Santa to bring me for Christmas (but it's blue with yellow trim and you wear it!)

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