Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Went to the Vet's Office Today.

I needed my next to the last round of shots, so I had TBG and Deb take me to see my favorite Doc and fellow associates. I love going in to see everyone!

First up, I got to weigh in


Yes, that's 27.5 pounds of pure puppy love!

Then I went into the office room and Mona checked me over. I did great this time and didn't even flinch when she stuck me with a needle! TBG sure looks nervous though, I don't think he likes needles...what a chicken.


Finally, as Deb was checking out for me, I got to meet the house cat. I don't know what TBG was worried about, it was just another animal...no big deal.


When we were done at the vet office, we went into town to the grocery. I love that place! Even though I can't go inside yet, I always get to meet so many nice people. I got to play on hay bales too!

That's all for today. Next up, I hear we're going to the CCI Chapter meeting on Thursday. Hey Feldon and Digger, rest up buddies cause I'm coming, loaded for PLAY!

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  1. My have you grown!!! I hope you never grow out of those big ears though! :)


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