Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hosta would be Proud!

We had to go to Topeka today and I got to ride in the Big Truck! SWMBO said I needed to learn how to ride in the floorboard, but once I saw it, I begged for my Doodle Bed. Thankfully, my sad face won and I was able to ride in comfort.

We stopped at a huge store and TBG and I patrolled the front entrances looking for unsuspecting potential "petters" All I needed to do was give the passerby's my cute puppy face and BAM, they were all over me, petting my head, back and tummy.TBG and I had a lot of fun, met some new folks and practiced some commands with all the distractions. TBG said I did a good job!

I tried to show TBG the proper way to tie off the merchandise, but he mumbled something about decades of sperience, so I let him be. Once we got home I had him take a picture of me in front of his "masterpiece". Good thing he has a desk job theses days, that's all I'm say'n.

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  1. Hosta sends very proud vibes your way little dude!!!! Awesome "buckle up!"


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