Sunday, November 13, 2011

Carver learned a bad habit from Ansel

We took floppy ears into Manhattan today to hopefully get some puppy playtime at Petco. It didn't quite work out, so we made the best of the trip. We met some really nice folks from Salina who helped Carver with his social skills. He got to meet lots of people and had some dogs passing by. Did really well with all the distractions today.

We snapped this picture during one of his "breaks".


This is where the Ansel influence kicked in. I turn my back for just a minute to answer a question and when I turn back, what do I see? That little puppy was checking out the Poodles.


We decided it was time to leave after that! Got home, did his beauty treatment and the next thing we see...He's crashed AGAIN! Poor guy's had a very busy weekend.


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