Monday, February 4, 2013

Wow! What a Weekend

I've been working pretty hard helping TBG get his new store ready, so Mr. Fussy Pants decided I had earned a fun weekend off.

I was told that Saturday we were going somewhere I have never been. Turns out we ended up at the Bowling Alley in the KSU Student Union! TBG explained how the game was played and gave me a demo. Once I got the right size shoes, it was Game On!

Here's TBG showing me "how it's done"

Really?? The object of the game is to toss the bowl in the gutter? EVERY TIME???
Somehow I didn't think he was showing me the right way to play this game. Thankfully, Deb gave me some pointers!

Here we go!

Can you believe this, they don't even have to retrieve their OWN ball! I think I've been misled all this time!!!

Then it was TGG's turn again.

So, at the end of the game, 4 Paws beats a pair (of hands)!!
T=TGG and C=Carver

Let's just say I opened up a can of Dog Whoop on TGG!
Hmmm, you wonder who is TGG??? Well, since he spent a lot of his game in the gutter...I changed his name to "The Gutter Guy"

Bwaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha 

I also got to watch a lot of college kids who were bowling.

On the way out I thought this would make a nice pic. Here's me and Willie the Wildcat!

No pics, but we also stopped in at Petco, Smashburger, K-Mart, Deb's office at KSU and Menard's. Let me tell you, I was dog tired by the end of the day.

Sunday, we spent some time at TGG's store, then went to Les's fabulous Super Bowl Party. MY half-time show was waaaaaaay better than what was on TV! I got to show off my mad skilzs and got some good rubb'n/scratching in too.

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