Monday, February 11, 2013

Time is short

Yep, my time in Kansas is nearing an end, but at least I got to help TBG at his new store!

May I help you sir/madam?

He really got annoyed at me today when I kept ring'n the bell.


  1. Counting down the days! Merlot says there better be nylabones. ;)

  2. Oh Carver.....tell the TBG to keep his mitts off the bell and get a puppy calendar on the wall instead of that car!! I'll see you in a few days big boy. Auntie Linder

  3. GOOD LUCK, CARVER!!! And congratulations to TBG on his new store. Exciting time for all of you. =)

  4. Wow, almost turn in time! Congrats on the store! What an amazing opportunity! Good luck to you both! :)


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