Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Carver's First Report

Well, since I'm stuck here in the store, Deb got the call from CCI today regarding Carver's first report. Here's what Suzanne said.

                          Warning....Graphic content!

She said Carver has diarrhea and he apparently likes to lay in it (sorry to start off the report like that!) so he is getting a lot of baths. She said it was a management problem on their end (pun intended--HA!), and they have no concerns about this medical hitch at all. There's the bad.

The good is that he is eating and drinking fine, seems content in the kennel, and they have no incident reports on him. They did his temperament test and it went very well; he is easy to manage, looked to his handler, and had no reaction to the lion or the little dog they brought in (thank goodness for that training with the Dalmatian for the store!). He plays nicely in the exercise yard. They also did his medical exam and have no concerns for eyes, hips, or elbows. She said they basically have 'no concerns.' They start the obstacle course and field trips next week.

YES...Deb asked about his whining and she said they have not noticed any!!!!! However, she said they haven't taken the pups out of the kennels to do long-stays, so I think maybe this will change...:-)

It'll be a long wait till next month's report!

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  1. Oh my! I bet that's a first...ever! Hopefully he won't do that anymore, and there situation will change. Bright note, he seems to be great with all his training! Congrats!


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