Saturday, January 12, 2013

Outdoor Ball & Indoor Ball

You've seen me play outdoor ball plenty of times. It's fun and I get a LOT of exercise. However, sometimes out here in the frozen plains a spoiled pup like me just doesn't feel like donning all that cold weather gear and letting the Kansas "breeze" create icicles on my fur. So me being the prodigy that I am...well, I created a new game to play with SWMBO called Indoor Ball! So KU may have basketball, but KSU has Indoor Ball!


  1. That is great!! What were your steps in teaching this game?

  2. Caver, you are such a cutie! And that is one of Dante's favorite rainy day games too :-)

  3. Uhhh, Carver taught US the game.


  4. Carver, that is outstanding. That's a much better idea than being outside in these awful elements. GOOD JOB! Auntie Linder


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