Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Going Away Party!

WOW, the time sure has flown by hasn't it? Seems like I just arrived at the Sellers house and now it's time for me to head to college. We had our last CCI chapter meeting before we all head to Ohio and it was a Carver & Digger love fest!!

Auntie Linder got some "me" time in

and not to be outdone, Auntie Debbie got some too!

Here's a group photo.


Digger, Kindy, Debbie, Gabe and Me

and we can't leave out the newest addition to the CCI Kansas City Family...Gabe.

We had a good time, got in lots of good snuggling and said my good byes. It's been real, it's been fun and it's been REAL FUN!!


  1. Congrats Carver! Good luck! We love you!

  2. I'll miss you sweet boy but I'm looking forward to your next adventure in Ohio. I'll see you in Delaware in a few weeks! Auntie Linder


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