Sunday, January 6, 2013


All, I am not one to toot my own horn. But I think I am beginning to understand the difference between confidence and hubris. Let me explain.

Friday night, SWMBO and I provided a presentation about the Lions' Project for Canine Companions for Independence to the Wilsey Lions Club. I showed off my mad skills, answered a lot of questions, and was even able to successfully shill for a donation!

Bag, please! Oh wait, I'm not quite up for that yet...

I so enjoy "lap!" Notice my tail!

Hey, SWMBO, you can leave. I've got this!

Then on Saturday we went to visit some folks. There were all different-sized people there...little ones, medium ones, and big ones! I was able to chill out and show my lovable side.

Li'l lovable me!

Yes, just a little to the right....

This is the life...

So what I'm saying is...I know every dog is special. I'm not saying that I'm "superdog" and whenever I score a perfect lap I go running around the room pretending to tear open my fur and expose my superhero uniform underneath (as some football players do). What I am saying is that I am beginning to believe...that maybe...I can "do good" in a variety of situations; acclimate to the needs of the people that I'm with; and that I actually might have some talent in certain contexts. That's not hubris is it? That's just plain self-confidence...isn't it? :-)

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  1. We call that upside down pose with all four legs stretched to their fullest, "the superman" -- Pluto looks like he's trying to fly away when he does that.


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