Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Surprise!

So....my big surprise is....that I got to have a sleepover at Leitner's! I get to stay until Friday! You see, Aunt Linda and Aunt Debbie are kinda lonely without a yellow-caped pup around, so I am "on loan" for a few days. It's a bit like being an historic treasure going to some other museum from the Smithsonian!

However, AL and AD did not tell the folks at MetLife that I was coming. You might remember that these are all my good buds from the time I spent there in May. They were so surprised and happy! It felt like Old Home Week!

So, here are some photos of me with a big ol' sign and a big ol' tree. Tonight I visited some people with Leitner that he enjoys seeing a couple of times a month. It was a lot better than WORK! Although, you can call me....

Carver | General Clerk II | Distribution | MetLife

I said it was a big sign, didn't I?
I will guard the tree; yes, sir, Mr. Snoopy!
Photogenic, aren't I?

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