Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hello Holidays!

What a grand week this was. Sigh. Got to spend time with two of my favorite Aunties and pals. On Friday, we went over the Flint Hills and through the drought to SWMBO's house, we did! Unbeknownst to me, SWMBO decided to decorate and C-O-O-K and B-A-K-E to celebrate my return (actually, she said it was for Thanksgiving, but whatever). SWMBO was lucky that her niece sent her a Thanksgiving box of handmade decorations with which to beautify her home.
She was quite nervous about the turkey, TBG told me, but Aunt Linda (who was in charge of the carving) said she didn't need a knife--just dental floss!

It looked like there was some good eatin' going on, but not for us pups! Notice me and Divot  making a plea to be next in line; to no avail!

Then we had to get into the holiday spirit, since Santa Claus was arriving later that evening!

After my Aunties left for KC, TBG, SWMBO and I went into CG for Christmas caroling, the lighting of the tree, and Santa's arrival. I was stoked when I got my own songbook so I could join in!

The lighting of the tree left a little to be desired...although the singing was good...I'm just sayin'!

No pictures of Mr. Claus. He arrived by a two-horse open sleigh, and SWMBO and TBG didn't want to take a chance that the horses might not appreciate my presence. As if! Whatever.

So, all of that was truly fun and all, but it wasn't until Sunday that I really "got" what Thanksgiving is all about. SWMBO and I spent the morning at the CG Healthcare Center. I showed off my newly acquired musical skills. I even got a round of applause from the staff and residents!

It seemed that there were some folks that really needed me there. More than one staff member, after watching me in action, whispered to SWMBO that I must have some "Jeb" in me. I don't know why they all thought they had to whisper...I wanted to shout that compliment from the rooftops!

Joy to the world...


  1. WOW - what a busy holiday you had and such a good host! That's great! And singing and visiting people too! My my my.

    Oh, I saw an article in the Leawood Magazine about Digger! It was great!

  2. Hey Carver

    My name is Pluto. I've been following your blog and your brother Ansel's for quite some time. I even got to meet Ansel when we were in advanced training together. I was placed with Steve and we got to hang out with Joe and Denise and Ansel during training. That was fun! Steve, Helen and I have started a blog of our own for our friends and family. Feel free to check it out and share with your other CCI pals. You can see what your life will be like once you graduate as a service dog!
    Here's my website. It's not as good as yours, but we're still learning all the ins and outs of a website so hopefully it gets better.

  3. Great to hear from you Pluto! Your puppy raiser was also the PR for Jeb...that guy in the upper right corner of the page! I get to meet Joe and Denise and see Ansel again when I head off to College in February, can't wait to see everyone!


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