Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Fun Outing

Had a fun outing today. We went to the local arts and crafts show at the Armory in Council Grove. My good buddy Allen was there!

We met a LOT of people today and helped spread the word of us Service Dogs! TBG saw some delicious smelling snacks at the Farmgirl Fresh booth and had to take some home. Sadly, I was not allowed to partake, but it sure smelled good.

We went and had lunch at The Station. This place is made to look like an old train station. TBG and SWMBO had a great lunch and I actually had room to do a comfortable "under".

On the way back to the car, TBG thought he'd try to cross me up by walking through the giant pile of leaves. Not to worry, I handled this quite well!

Not sure when they snagged this pic of me napping, but it does look like I crashed after our outing!!

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