Sunday, August 19, 2012

We Work Hard, But We Play Hard Too...

The plan was for SWMBO and TBG to head out to the lake this morning. Yours truly was to be left behind...I know! Thankfully, the wind was blowing and the waves were white-capping and the "Ski Season That Wasn't"...wasn't again today. SO! That meant Plan B, which made ME the focus of the day. Plan B was much more to my liking anyway, and if those humans had just asked me first thing this morning, I could have saved them a lot of useless effort. Oh well. We know that homo sapiens can be somewhat slow on the uptake.

We visited the long-term care facility instead. I thought it was strange that TBG came along. This is usually my special "me time" with SWMBO. Little did I know what they had in store for me today. I did get to visit with some of the residents.

I was actually showing off my near-to-perfect "visits" today, but alas, SOMEONE was not very johnny-on-the-spot with the camera, so I can't share those special moments with you. Although, several staff members mentioned how much I reminded them of Jeb. I haven't ever received better compliments!

Then, TBG introduced me to the wheelchair. It was....a little...awkward at first, but in no time, I got the hang of it. No big deal.

TBG decided to push me a little more by having me practice my laps and visits. I've got this, I told you!

Here I am "live and in dog."

After all that work, I was happy to sit and watch Pretty Boy and Pretty Girl for a while.

And get some extra good lovin' from one of Jeb and Ansel's most ardent fans! I know this isn't exactly service dog posture, but a guy's got to let his hair down every once in a while, you know!

After all of that hard work, I was glad to see TBG and SWMBO head out to the lake. Not to ski, mind you; as I said, it was too windy for that. Apparently, it wasn't too windy for me to get a little swim practice in at one of the coves. Michael Phelps I'm not, but I sure do have fun!

Here's a video for your enjoyment!
But as I have been saying, SWMBO and TBG can be a bit....unusual, let's say. So they got it into their heads that I needed to "hurry." I don't know why as I had taken care of all that earlier. But, I've learned that it is better not to argue but just squat and get it over with. Saves a lot of time that way. So, I did what any dog would do when playing fetch at the lake. When they told me to "hurry," I certainly wasn't going to besmirch our play area. So, I went knee-deep into the water and took care of business. I mean, fish pee in the water, right?

CCI checklist....mark off "can urinate IN any surface." I bet even Jeb's puppy report didn't say that!

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  1. Central Oregon checking in here, Carver. This last post made me laugh and cry, both. Something about your patience and steady companionship with TBG in the wheelchair touched my heart and brought a tear to my eye. SWMBO will tell you it doesn't take much but you are growing up so much like Jeb....
    Also, you are a hoot and "your" sense of humor (ahem) cracks me up. Love to all...


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