Thursday, August 30, 2012

and so the adventure begins

It's dawn and the dynamic duo start their journey. Check in for they happen!

First pit stop in Missouri. Looks like he was enjoying the soft, green grass!

Making good time!

The dynamic duo has arrived in Indy and Carver has already made new friends!

A Lap-ra-dor Retriever

Here's Carver enjoying his first cup of Starbucks.

Boy, Carver's really getting around!!

It's the Ice Cube Burglar!

THAT, is a happy dog.

Whaddya mean there's NO ICE??

Here's one for my Met Life friends.

Carver was introduced (the hard way) to a screen door. I would bet, next time he sees one, he won't go THROUGH it!

But, you still love me, right Auntie Lynn??

Oh great! Now Captain Mike is playing the forbidden game...there goes a year's worth of training  ;^)


  1. Carver,

    Thanks for stopping by the DQ. Next time we'll sneak in some ice cream for you!



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