Sunday, August 26, 2012

Paws First

Those of you who know me well know that I am a tennis (ball) fan. This passion was cultivated at an early age, as SWMBO and TBG are never without a seemingly endless supply due to TBG's LB (little brother). TBGsLB owns Body First Wellness Center and Tennis and Fitness Center.

Yesterday was Body First's Block Party, with an afternoon of scheduled events. SWMBO, TBG and I loaded up the blue bomb and went to check out the action. I don't know why it's called Body First, though--I think a more appropriate name is Paws First!

We watched a K-State Aikido demonstration. "Don't mess with me" ought to be their motto! They kind of reminded me of me and Digger and Feldon--there were a lot of bodies hitting the mat and power slams!  We also watched the tennis pros direct a hard-hitting drill.

I was invited to play by one of the pros, but I was assigned the short game.

TBG, you might know how to train pups like me, but do you really think I'm taking tennis tips from YOU?

The tennis pro eventually decided that my skills might be better put to use as a ball boy. That was a ton more fun anyway!

After the tennis drill, I tried my paw at a few other fitness activities.
Here I am on the treadmill. Does my butt look big in this cape?

I thought about doing some ab work, but it looked like not so much fun, so...

I decided do some push ups with the inflatable balls. First I had to find the right size.

Then I let TBG feel useful and let him "train" me.

After that, I tried out the Aikido moves I learned earlier.

Boy, all that work makes a guy tired! Here I am cooling off.

I decided to hang out for a while with SWMBO.

We had a great day at Body First and a big thank you to TBGsLB and TBGsLBsW (TBG's Little Brother's Wife) who are such big supporters of me and CCI. I asked TBG if we could go over to say goodbye to them in person, and you know what he said? That he was too tired and I'd have to go find them myself! You know, it's really bad when you do the workout and your trainer collapses at the end of it! But, this is my life....

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