Saturday, July 28, 2012

More fun than a boat load of pups!

Wow!! what a day. My ole pal Spark came over and brought a newb named Merlot to the lake scene. Boy did we have a blast.

Spark was showing Merlot proper mouth position for carrying the tennis ball.

Man can he generate some drool!

Here we have Spark doing his outboard motor trick...that dog can FLY!! And they say I have big ears??

After some "onshore" activities, we headed out in the boat. SWMBO's hair smelled real nice in the lake air!

Merlot was really enjoying this new place and was anxious for a turn in the water.

I had to keep the young Jedi calm while Spark was in the water showing off.

Hey Sparkler, we're still waiting!

Finally, Spark takes a break.

Merlot gets his turn at platform diving.

Reluctantly, I head to the back of the boat. Now, I'm not a big fan of jumping off the back of the boat, but I love swimming. TBG helped me out a little!

Maybe a little TOO much. Hey wise guy, I'm not a piece of luggage.

The things humans will do to persuade a pup to jump. It's quite embarrassing!

OK, so I'm not a diver, but I am cute!

We headed back to the house where all 3 of us got a little more play time and some showers. Merlot was really "dog'n" me about not jumping off the boat and I had just about had enough.

We made one last trip into town before my friends headed home. Stopped at the Totem Pole for some pics. Seems the humans thought it might scare us pups, but they were very wrong!!

Thanks to my Buds, Spark and Merlot for coming to CG. We had a great time and they (and their humans) are always welcomed.
Back to sleepy land. Swimming will really tire a pup out.


  1. Fantastic photos - what a perfect day!!!

  2. Great great action shots! And you get to use tennis balls! We aren't allowed to use balls at all as it might distract the dogs later in life. The feeling is they might become obsessed. So they can only play with toys they won't encounter in real life (no balls or frisbees, etc.). Coach is so placid I think that he wouldn't want to jump off the back of the boat either! 8-)

  3. Credit for most of the pics goes to Merlot's PR, Lisa. She is a great photographer!


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