Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday at Work

TBG said I needed some distraction work, so we went into town for lunch. We stopped at the hardware store and mingled with the crowd while working on many commands. For some reason he thinks I need work on "under". Yeah right, old man...I got this!

We went to eat next, or shall I say fatso went to eat and took me along.
Somehow a partial french fry kept dropping from the sky. I refused to partake in this silly exercise. Now, if it would have been raining Iams, this story might have a different ending! I also got to meet the owners of the Hays House and tell them all about me. They were very nice!

After lunch we went to the bank to see my peeps. I always feel right at home at the bank. Everyone is sooo nice and they take turns lov'n on me. A guy's life doesn't get any better than that.

A good Friday outing. Maybe I'll get to hit the lake tomorrow and try skiing. Hey, it could happen!

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