Sunday, July 8, 2012

I Know They Said I'm Not A Strong Swimmer

If you hang around this household awhile, you get to know that SUMMER is the most important season. With SUMMER comes road course racing, ice cream, and water sports. Well, the Mustang motor blew up early on, and with no plans to build another race engine soon, attendance at Heartland Park is off of my SUMMER list. Ice cream would never have been on my list to begin with, according to SWMBO and TBG...

So...that leaves water sports! I was very excited about SUMMER arriving because I heard from my good pal, Ansel III, when we were back at North Central together, that swimming, dock diving, boating, and platform jumping were a blast! I came to understand however, that this opinion was formulated by a full-lab-that floats....not a half-lab-half golden-that sinks...namely me! SWMBO and TBG have had me out to the lake a few times, and it wasn't hard to get me to go in the water. Like I said, I am game for anything and couldn't wait for SUMMER games! But, we all came to realize very quickly that I am not a strong swimmer. In fact, I pretty much sink from the neck down. That's not to say that I don't enjoy myself, because I do. Land or lake, it makes no difference to me when that beautiful, yellow tennis ball goes "whoosh" by my floppy ears...but I digress.

Off to a certain pet store that will remain buy me a water vest! While we were there, I got to check out the kittens that were up for adoption. How lucky I and all my other PITs are to know that we will have not just one, but two "forever" homes in our lifetimes. Here I am checking out some little furry guys who need a forever home for themselves.

After lunch and a stop at the b-i-g grocery store in Manhattan, we headed home. I got myself ready for a trip to the lake to try out my new water vest. I was so excited!

BUT THEN! SWMBO and TBG knocked the wind right out of my sails. I know I'm not a strong swimmer (yet) but someone please tell them this is ridiculous!

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  1. You look fab Carver! Can't wait to come out and have you show off your new gear to Clara and I!


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