Sunday, March 11, 2012

Homo Sapiens Are Interesting Creatures

What kind of species walks to nowhere?
(I thought that this was just a funny, and uncomfortable bed!)

And even though they have built a machine to help them walk, but gets them nowhere, they decide they need a machine where they can sit, but get somewhere! Madness!
(Hosta, check out my "Buckle Up"!)

Or creates private stalls for the "Hurry" command? Who can do their business in such a small space?
(It was scary! TBG and I had to practice going in and out!)

 What kind of animal, other than polar bears and penguins, would think that March 10 is a good day to go swimming in Kansas?
(Certainly not me! Insanity!)

All I know is that it's a good thing humans have us around to impart a little common sense into their mixed-up lives!


  1. LOL - you are so funny Carver. Always good for a laugh. And my are you so smart with your wit and wisdom. And, very proud of your "buckle up".

  2. I literally have been laughing out loud ... my family is looking at me. Never thought about these before, Carver!

  3. If you can't make it in CCI maybe you could be a comedian Carver. You are hilarious! Impressive 'buckle up' too!


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