Friday, March 23, 2012

All I Can Say Is...

...that this is what happens when you are Puppy #2. Sure, it's all fun and games with Puppy #1--         I think TBG and SWMBO even posted twice in one day with H-I-M, and I'm lucky to get a post once a week. So, here are some photos of my recent adventures.

Here I am just being cute!

SWMBO, TBG, some friends, Winslow and I went to Fort Riley and gave a presentation about CCI. I think the TBI Clinic is going to apply for a Facility Dog! How cool is that?

Of course, we had to stop and eat!

SWMBO and TBG and I went to Menard's, because they thought this would be a challenge for me. HA! It was a piece of cake.

 Yea, you are SOOOO funny, TBG!

Uh, I need to go out...

And what are you exactly?

Puppy Under Construction!


  1. Good job Carver! You are one handsome pup...don't tell H-I-M know but I think you are just a tad bid cuter!

  2. That is sooooo awesome about Ft Riley applying for a facility dog - you must have done a great presentation Carver! And what a fun adventure! Love all the photos! Keep training your PRs... a few subtle hints and reminders and they'll be posting about you 2x a day soon!

  3. I know exactly how you feel dude! I'm puppy #3 and how many photos have you seen of me. It's least they take me places and I get to go cool stuff. I think you'll have some fun this Friday. Some of your KC pals are coming to Council Grove. Feldon


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