Sunday, June 17, 2012

Washunga Days!

My buds from KC came all the way to little ole Council Grove to walk in the Washunga Days Parade on Saturday. It was a little rainy at first, but cleared up before 10am when the festivities actually got under way. We were really close to the front, so we didn't have a lot of stops to show off our mad skills...although, I did have a few Carver-fans who clapped for me and my friends when we trotted by. I think that Little Debbie just stole the show, however; she is such a cutie!

After the parade, we walked back to the Mexican restaurant and us pups got to cool off and catch a few zzz's. Then the KC contingent packed up and SWMBO and I went to the Dollar store for a few items. SWMBO and I had planned to go back to town in time for the Kan-Ducky Derby, but we were both hot and tired and figured they could call us if we won (we are still waiting for that message; oh well!).

See below for a few fun pics!

Whatever those are....they're big!

Aren't they smart in their uniforms?
Me and Little Debbie goofing off.
I told you she was cute!


  1. Debbie looks just like her brother Dante. Soooooo cute!

  2. Excellent report on the parade Carver! You and SWMBO were great hosts. Thanks for having us join in. Auntie Linder (no Feldon)


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