Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Another HOT day

So I convinced Deb to take me to K-State today. I got to see a Buddy (who was also a FOJ) off, as he's retiring. I'll miss him at school!

When we left to come home, I told Deb that the car was due for an oil change (I noticed the sticker on the windshield) and TBG would be proud of me taking care of that maintenance item for him. Anywho, we stopped at the oil change place and I got to watch as they serviced the blue bomb. I thought their decor suited me to a "T".

We made it home and TBG decided we needed to go to the grocery...Wahooooo!! I get to see my CG peeps!
Got to the grocery and my BFF was working. We had some good scratch'n and talked about Monseigneur Ansel, graduating.

As we walked down the isles, I spied Deb's favorite summertime snack...

I got your back Sister!

We met a few more folks and talked about me (which I love). Finally made it through the checkout and headed back home. I will say, walking out of the cool store to the outside furnace was not the most pleasant experience. I think I may need to go back to the lake, wink...wink!


Just received this pic from last night. We stopped by the Morris County Farmers Market last night and one of my good friends from the bank took this pic of me and TBG.

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