Saturday, April 27, 2013

Deb meets Jeb II

Deb made the trek out West to the mile high city of Denver to meet Jeb II and Marianne, another VPR for Canine Companions for Independence.
Although Jeb II didn't quite resemble Jeb the Original, he sure did like the hedgehog (Jeb's favorite toy)!

Here's Jeb II in all his regal-ness!

and here's the Famous Great Dane Meryl, who is in Marianne's book: "Let the Dogs Speak"

I'm pretty sure the cat is yelling "get off me you goliath"

Huge thanks to John and Marianne for hosting Deb and letting her meet your great dogs. I just wish I could have been there.


  1. That is awesome that you got to meet Jeb II! So neat! I am in the middle of reading that book, it is really cute :-)

  2. Ok so this starts a long line of Jebs.... Dudley Nose or not! xoxo to all and may your days be filled with squeaky hedgehogs and empty water bottles.


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