Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day At The Races!

TBG's big day finally arrived and I got to go! TBG is one member of a racing team for the "Chump Car" series. Now, don't get too excited--it isn't like he'll win the Piston Cup or anything! It's really for the experience and for the fun. I did get to watch him take over the wheel of an old, silver blue Mustang today, and generally just be a part of all of the festivities.

Here is Tent Row, where all of the pit crew for each team hangs out. The pits are in front of the tents.

TBG is waiting to complete a driver change and get into the car.

There he goes!

Here he comes!

There he goes....


OK, I get it. TBG gets in the blue Mustang and goes round and round. At least my cousins, the greyhounds, are actually chasing a RABBIT. Can we go home now?

(Honestly, I think I would rather have been at Apple Days at Ft. Riley with my other CCI pups-in-training. But, don't tell TBG that!)

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  1. My mother rescued a retired greyhound about 3 months ago...."The Prince" (no less). They are getting along just great. At 80 years old (and very strong and healthy) she is loving this 75 pound male greyhound and taking him for many walks and to the dog park every day. Therapy? YES!!!

    Central Oregon checking in... :)


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