Sunday, December 4, 2011

I Have Never Been So Tired In My Life!

SWMBO and TBG, as I have mentioned in previous posts, are really trying to find training opportunities for me. They say it's kinda hard because I can't go IN most places yet and they don't want to be OUT because it's so cold (wussies!). We had a play date arranged with my KSDS buds Vance and Spark for yesterday, but it was called off because of the rain (I mean tsunami) we had yesterday. Anyway!

SWMBO and TBG got up this morning and had a long discussion about the weather....the temperature, the wind, if it would be muddy or not...etc. Geez! Humans can do a lot of thinking for a little thing like a....WALK! They were just trying to decide if we should go for a hike or not. I could have given them that answer in like, 1 second. But, they didn't ask me!

After much deliberation, SWMBO and TBG finally decided that a hike WAS in my future. YIPPEE! But then I had to wait out the know, SWMBO had to find her cuddleduds, and then the carhart outfits had to be donned, and then there was debate over what shoes would be best to wear. I just settled in for a nap until I heard the magic words: "Carver, let's go!" FINALLY!

We headed out to one of the trailheads. Now, SWMBO and Ansel had made this trek before, but it was all new to me and TBG. It was a Kansas safari! We saw coyotes, deer, quail, prairie chickens, geese, squirrels, and lots of tracks. We walked in the woods, we walked up a big hill, we walked on the prairie, and over an old bridge that you could see through. Poor TBG wouldn't go too far on that thing! But it was my longest walk ever, and I'm still exhausted now. I nap, get up and go out, move to a new location, nap, look endearingly at SWMBO in the hopes I'll get a treat, move to a new place, and nap some more...

Pictures of the big adventure are below!

Imagine living here!

These paws were made for walkin'...

View of the prairie

A good place for a break

Oh yea, naptime!


  1. Glad you still got to have a good time despite me being there to entertain you!
    – Vance

  2. So happy you found some way to wear yourself out without me. See you soon little bud.

  3. Hey Carver - you've been given the Liebster Award! Check out my blog post of 12/10. =)


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